H L Therapy - Great classes start with a brilliant instructor


Simply put, Holly is THE best at what she does! I have been seeing Holly for sports massage therapy for 3 years now and the difference it has made is night and day. Having tried multiple therapists over the years, Holly is leaps and bounds above any I have been to before. Not only with her high level of knowledge but also her fantastic personality. Holly is very approachable and makes the session as comfortable and relaxed as possible, while remaining 100% professional. I would strongly recommend anyone to Holly, whether it be for treatment purposes or preventative. You will not be disappointed!
Chris - Bodybuilder

The Mental Health First Aid course was excellent and worth every penny.  We found it gripping, informative and very topical.  Holly, you truly are amazing at what you do.
Energy 5 Team

Holly is fantastic!  Her genuine passion for her craft is so evident.  Her classes are nicely paced and she talks through each exercise giving lots of guidance for different abilities...cannot recommend H L Therapy enough!  Holly is a star!

I thoroughly recommend H L Therapy first aid training. Holly is an excellent first aid trainer. She is very informative and her instructions are clear and concise. She makes the subject very interesting even challenging areas! She is very thought provoking and goes over and about the required content. You leave with a much greater knowledge and insight into the field and confident that you can put it into practice should it be required. Thank you Holly!

I have nothing but good things to say about Holly. Over the past 4 years I've booked in for regular sports massage, and most recently nutritional advice. Holly is extremely knowledgeable, and tailored my nutrition plan so that it was realistic and I was able to stick to it - leading to great results. The sports massages have been life changing as I am now pain free, compared to previously being in pain all the time following shoulder surgery. I cannot recommend HL Therapy highly enough.

We booked Holly for our First Aid training at our gym.  The course was highly effective and to the point.  She's a great instructor and the staff loved her because she delivers the course in a warm and friendly manner.  Holly also goes above and beyond the syllabus, giving practical examples from her own experiences.  Would highly recommend!  10/10.
Sandwell Gym Ltd.

Holly has helped me in three seperate, but interrelated ways:  Firstly, using deep tissue massage and specific exercises she has fixed a shoulder problem that has troubled me for decades and that I previously believed was chronic.  Secondly, Holly has created some effective Yoga programs for home practice.  Finally, as an adjunct to her excellent Yoga classes, Holly has piqued my interest in the broader Yoga philosophies such as Pranayama and Mudra techniques.  Awesome and trustworthy!

I have been having sports massage with Holly for nearly a year now and I am continually impressed by the professional and attentive care she gives.  With her knowledge and expertise, she has managed to locate and sort out my back problem, tightness in my IT bands and other areas that have needed attention due to running and exercise at the gym.  Holly takes great care to diagnose and address a problem, offering helpful guidance and advice throughout.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Thanks Holly for a truly professional and engaging First Aid Workshop. You made the day really engaging and enjoyable. The atmosphere within the group was really great and your experience shines out like a beacon.

I went to see Holly for deep tissue massage yesterday, focussing on the neck and shoulder area as I’ve been struggling with tight, aching muscles and tension headaches from probably bad posture working on the computer all day. I told Holly about my issues and she listened and immediately knew what to do about it and which muscles to focus on. I could feel the tension relief almost immediately and once the hour was over, the effect was amazing. I think I had just got used to feeling so tense for years and accepted it as normal! But after the massage I felt like a new person!!! I can really recommend this type of massage with Holly to anyone else struggling with tension from doing an office job. I’ve been to several massage therapists, but only Holly really listens and with her vast knowledge of the human physiology and an array of massage techniques, she is the only one who can make a difference.

I can thoroughly recommend Holly's Pilates and Yoga classes, she is a fantastic instructor. I also attended Holly's classes throughout my pregnancy, she provided great support adapting what exercises I could do at the different stages of pregnancy. I always enjoy Holly's classes and feel more relaxed afterwards.

I do Holly's yoga class at Nuffield Health whenever I can and always enjoy it! It's an excellent, well balanced class and she always offers different levels so people who want more of a challenge can have it but equally no one feels left out/unable to achieve! She is also very good at subtly correcting your postures if you need a bit of help! Quality instructor!

Anyone considering yoga and Pilates, Holly is the lady to teach you. I've been an instructor in fitness for over 12 years and she is my first choice when asked to recommend someone.

Great classes with a brilliant instructor. Diverse knowledge allows for the inclusion of all abilities, but just as important, you will always feel welcome and looked after.
Steve H

Holly’s course was very enjoyable, it flowed seamlessly and was full of relevant information. I’ve done First Aid courses for over 20 years and this one stood head and shoulders above the others.

We did the first aid course for babies and children with Holly. It was really worthwhile. Holly has a thorough knowledge of first aid and explained the techniques in a really easy to understand way. She was also great with baby Matilda - even holding her at one point so my wife could practise the CPR technique on me. I would definitely recommend the course to any parent or soon to be parent. It was really reassuring to know what to do if the worst happened!
Mike & Martha

Really excellent baby first aid course. Confident and knowledgeable delivery by Holly, good range of teaching aids with strong practical demonstrations and very useful handouts. The course is informative but interesting and enjoyable. Even used our newly learnt skills the next day when our 6 month old pulled a hot cup of coffee onto his leg!! Would definitely recommend.

I have been on quite a few first aid courses over the years but today's course was the best I've attended. I usually nod off but Holly was really informative, kept the pace going and made it enjoyable. Would definitely recommend it.

Great training!! I have completed a few first aid courses related to my job role, but this has been by far the most informative! All the basics and so easily demonstrated! I feel confident I could apply this if and when necessary.  Thank you Holly.

My physio recommended I do Pilates. The benefit to my back condition has been immense. The improvement compared to pre-Pilates is beyond belief. I feel as though I have my life back, my well being has improved so much and I am pain free most days.  I don’t believe it’s just the Pilates exercises, but the way Holly teaches it. You are so specific in how to do the exercises effectively Holly, that I truly believe it is your teaching that has had this effect and I can’t thank you enough.

My first introduction to Holly was 8 years ago at the gym.  My Personal Trainer introduced me as he knew I was having some problems with my back.  After my first appointment with Holly, it wasn’t long before I felt a marked improvement.  I was so impressed I have continued to see Holly for regular treatment and professional advice. She is always professional and extremely knowledgeable about any injuries I might have.  I would certainly recommend Holly to anyone who has injuries or difficulty moving properly.  I cannot thank holly enough for all her support over the years.  She is a credit to the health and fitness profession.

I thought that the first aid training was very informative and conducted to a excellent standard. The trainer was very knowledgeable and able to provide her own experiences which was helpful in terms of being able to put into practice what you are discussing on the day. The information provided was at a good pace.  I felt I had time to process the information and enough time to do the practical aspects of the training session. I left more confident when after completing this first aid course than others in the past. Overall I felt it was a very good training session.
Diana - Lucy Glyn Support Services

I’m into my health and fitness and Holly has supported me by providing the best diet to gain lean muscle mass -which is specifically what I asked for- and she periodically gives me sport massage, as I tend to get joint pain because of my physical training. She also gave me advice on the best cardio exercises in order to achieve my goal.  She’s extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of physical fitness and nutrition and she’s very effective at giving sports massage- as I have tried a few different specialists in the past few years!