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Soft Tissue Therapy



I am grateful to have had Holly in my life for the last 14 years or so as I have neurological problems. Every time I have a training session or massage with her she manages to keep me in a positive frame of mind and helps me strengthen my muscles to improve my mobility. Without Holly's input and caring nature I'm sure I would be in a wheelchair now.

She is very professional and encourages me to try my best even if I feel down.



I went to see Holly for deep tissue massage yesterday, focussing on the neck and shoulder area as I’ve been struggling with tight, aching muscles and tension headaches from probably bad posture working on the computer all day. I told Holly about my issues and she listened and immediately knew what to do about it and which muscles to focus on. I could feel the tension relief almost immediately and once the hour was over, the effect was amazing. I think I had just got used to feeling so tense for years and accepted it as normal! But after the massage I felt like a new person!!! 


Alfie - Coached by Carter

I’ve been having treatments from Holly for years, her knowledge is second to none & I doubt you will find anyone better - hence I highly recommend her. 

Thank you Holly for the great work that you do and the continued commitment to self development you show with your craft. 

Pilates and Yoga



Holly is an excellent teacher of Pilates, everything is explained clearly and precisely, each movement is broken down bit by bit so you understand what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. You can choose what level you work at which allows you to monitor your own improvement and progress. You never feel under pressure to be at a certain level but are always encouraged to push yourself within your own safety parameters. Whether you are a seasoned pro or have tried Pilates before Holly's classes are definitely not ones to miss. In these current difficult times Holly has adapted to provide on line courses which are keeping us going and offering light and hope in these trying times.



Holly is fantastic!  Her genuine passion for her craft is so evident.  Her classes are nicely paced and she talks through each exercise giving lots of guidance for different abilities...cannot recommend H L Therapy enough!  Holly is a star!



I immediately fell in love with Holly's yoga classes. She is always thoroughly prepared and the classes are very easy to understand, even for beginners! She is also very watchful of what everyone is doing and will subtly give corrections where needed. Holly makes yoga practice feel fun and is very inspiring to me.


I Would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Holly for making our practice such a joy. It's clear that Holly loves her work and she devotes so much time to make our practice easy-going, enjoyable and much loved.




I’m into my health and fitness and Holly has supported me by providing the best diet to gain lean muscle mass -which is specifically what I asked for- and she periodically gives me sport massage, as I tend to get joint pain because of my physical training. She also gave me advice on the best cardio exercises in order to achieve my goal.  She’s extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of physical fitness and nutrition and she’s very effective at giving sports massage- as I have tried a few different specialists in the past few years!



I have nothing but good things to say about Holly. Over the past 4 years I've booked in for regular sports massage, and most recently nutritional advice. Holly is extremely knowledgeable, and tailored my nutrition plan so that it was realistic and I was able to stick to it - leading to great results. The sports massages have been life changing as I am now pain free, compared to previously being in pain all the time following shoulder surgery. I cannot recommend HL Therapy highly enough.



Holly, in just 14 weeks under your guidance, my long-term stomach problem is fixed and my gut health is better than it has been in years.  My discomfort (day and night) is a thing of the past, all because you pinpointed leaky gut syndrome and an over-growth of candida.  My weight - which was dropping at an alarming rate, has now stabilised and is steadily going up.  Brilliant job!

First Aid


Amedeo 310

Thanks Holly for a truly professional and engaging First Aid Workshop. You made the day really engaging and enjoyable. The atmosphere within the group was really great and your experience shines out like a beacon.



I thoroughly recommend H L Therapy first aid training. Holly is an excellent first aid trainer. She is very informative and her instructions are clear and concise. She makes the subject very interesting even challenging areas! She is very thought provoking and goes over and about the required content. You leave with a much greater knowledge and insight into the field and confident that you can put it into practice should it be required. Thank you Holly!

sandwell gym.jpg

Sandwell Gym

We booked Holly for our First Aid training at our gym.  The course was highly effective and to the point.  She's a great instructor and the staff loved her because she delivers the course in a warm and friendly manner.  Holly also goes above and beyond the syllabus, giving practical examples from her own experiences.  Would highly recommend!  10/10.

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