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Soft Tissue Therapy


Initial Appointment

This will include a thorough case history and assessment. A bespoke treatment plan will be created, comprised of both hands-on treatment and self-management techniques.




Follow up appointment - up to 30 minutes

Soft tissue treatment for your specific needs and requirements in our therapy studio.




Follow up appointment - up to 60 minutes

Soft tissue treatment for your specific needs and requirements in our therapy studio.



I am a member of the Sports Therapy Association and the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I have the clinical skills to effectively assess a wide range of minor and chronic injuries; whether they are caused by overuse, poor posture or through sports and activity. 


Any issues/injuries will be treated with safe hands-on techniques and also address possible underlying causes. This offers more long-term improvements; including better movement, improved posture and less pain.

Treatments will begin with a full consultation, including a thorough case history and testing.  From here, the best treatment plan can be individually prescribed and I would expect to see results within the first 2-3 treatments.

I also work with a range of other health professionals, including Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and I am happy to direct you to them if I feel their knowledge and skillset better suit your needs. In addition to this, I can assist you in arranging private scans, including MRIs, with minimal waiting times.

Corporate days and events can also be booked - and tailor made to meet the needs of your business.  Research shows this type of treatment can enhance employee productivity, as well as increasing employee satisfaction. 

Soft Tissue Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Dry Needling / Acupuncture

Remedial / Sports Massage

Postural Assesment

Assessment and Treatment of Minor and Chronic Injuries


Exercise Prescription


Chris (Body Builder)

Simply put, Holly is THE best at what she does! I have been seeing Holly for sports massage therapy for 3 years now and the difference it has made is night and day. Having tried multiple therapists over the years, Holly is leaps and bounds above any I have been to before. Not only with her high level of knowledge but also her fantastic personality. Holly is very approachable and makes the session as comfortable and relaxed as possible, while remaining 100% professional. I would strongly recommend anyone to Holly, whether it be for treatment purposes or preventative. You will not be disappointed!



I've been doing yoga & pilates for many years and Holly is one of the most supportive and innovative instructors that I've ever known. Holly's sports massage treatments have also been invaluable in helping me to stay mobile as the OA in my hip has worsened over the last few months. The facilities are great and I particularly like the way that Holly always checks and listens to how I'm feeling and designs the treatment to holistically suit my needs on the day. It's difficult to describe how helpful Holly's treatments & support has been, except to say that she's the best!

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Having a job within the fitness industry, it’s imperative that my body is in the best condition it can be, to ensure I am continually training safely and am able to push myself.

I am treated by Holly on a regular basis, for both injury-specific and general maintenance sports massage/therapy and I would not go to anyone else.

Holly will always take the time to thoroughly explore any issues I am having and treat the root of the problem, with advice/guidance on rehab and prevention of recurrence as well. 

Her knowledge is always above and beyond any other massage therapist I have used over the years, which means I always feel confident that I am in the best hands when it comes to maintaining my physically demanding lifestyle. 

Plus, I always leave my sessions feeling refreshed and relaxed, so I really look forward to them!

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