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First Aid for Mental Health

Mental health is more important than ever.  Anyone can be affected by a mental health condition; either themselves or a family member, friend or colleague.

I can offer bespoke packages to assist with:

Training for employees

Training for individuals

Advising and assisting in creating mental health care policies in the workplace

Regular training and raising awareness of mental health care within the workplace


Level 1

1 day

The level 1 course is ideal for people wishing to learn more, to support themselves or someone they know.  It is a great starting point for employees, to develop an understanding of Mental Health within the workplace.

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Level 2 and 3

2 days / 3 days

The level 2 and 3 courses offer a more in-depth look into mental health and have been designed to help employers to provide a positive mental health culture within the workplace and to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge on a range of the most common mental health conditions and the skills to be able to act should a condition be suspected.

Learners undertaking these courses can be considered a point of contact within the workplace to help and support those with suspected mental health conditions.  The level 3 courses include a wider range of conditions and is great for the workplace Mental Health ‘Champions’.

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Bespoke Courses

Duration dependent upon your requirements

Bespoke courses can be arranged for individuals or small groups – such as families, to help offer support to loved ones and gain a better understanding of mental health and how you can help those you care about.

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These accredited courses are suitable for everyone with an interest in better understanding mental health. 


Please get in touch to discuss your training needs – either as a company or individual. 

Courses are accredited through Ofqual.

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Energy 5

The Mental Health First Aid course was excellent and worth every penny.  We found it gripping, informative and very topical.  Holly, you truly are amazing at what you do.


Kirsty Ann

I was pleased with the way HL Therapy made the learning space covid-secure and the entire day feel like a safe space where we could share thoughts and experiences freely and without reservation.  I felt lighter personally, and in a better position to help or advise my direct reports and colleagues when mental health issues arise in future.



As someone who is very experienced in delivering NLP courses and leading classes, I was pleased to find that this was a relaxed, informative day.  I learned a lot and the course materials were most professional.  I am definitely better prepared to spot issues and assist or signpost friends, family and colleagues with their mental health now.

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