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Meet the Team


Holly Wells

I have always been passionate about fitness and spent my younger years distance running, training in Shotokan karate and teaching high-intensity aerobics classes.  Now, I prefer a good hike up a mountain and a bit of Yoga!  I also love weight training to maintain my strength.

I am so fortunate to have travelled a lot.  I have been to some wonderful places, including South East Asia (where I lived on a beautiful island in Thailand and took people diving), Australia, New Zealand, South America, India and Africa.

My love of scuba diving took me to many of these places and my favourite is still the Galapagos Islands.  I am a huge fan of sharks and have dived with many species, including some of the big boys!

I have always been a lover of adrenaline, partaking in many skydives and bungee jumps; and a few years back I got the incredible opportunity to go wing-walking.



Throughout my childhood and my teenage years I had zero interest in fitness and physical wellbeing. I was never good enough to play any sports at school or be part of any teams and I never through my life would bring me to where I am today.


I graduated from university as a secondary school science teacher which rapidly became apparent was not for me. During this time however, I found group fitness classes. From the first class I attended I was in love and within a year I found myself training to teach these classes and it became my full-time job.

After sustaining a number of injuries from teaching such high numbers of classes, I decided to develop my skills and passion and train to become a Physiotherapist.


I further support my own mental well-being by spending a great deal of time crocheting. I love wool, I love making things with wool, and it is a way I can relax and wind down after a challenging day in the hospital.

I am also lucky enough to be an Auntie to a fabulous niece and nephew which truly is a beautiful thing that brings me great joy.

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